Monday, October 28, 2013

New Things

I figured it was time for a quick update. Lots has happened since my last post and we're pretty excited about most of it. :)

-Amy visited Houston in April to spend some time with Matt, Stef, and the boys (including brand-new baby Lincoln). TONS of fun!

-Amy decided she wanted a job in March, signed up for a CNA class that started in the summer and passed her written and skills exams with flying colors in August. :)

-Jordan passed the torch that is Uinta off to Matt this summer. It's worked out perfectly for both families.
-Amy visited Alaska to be with her sister and nieces. Also TONS of fun!

-Sarah and the babies surprised everyone in Laramie with a visit shortly after we came back from Alaska. WHAT?!? Way exciting.
-Jordan has stayed busy with school this entire year, including the summer. Of course, he remains top of his class!

-Amy and Jordan got on with a second adoption agency. This new agency has a better track record than our first, so here's to hoping!

-Jord FINALLY got a calling at the end of the summer. He is the teacher's advisor for the young men. He teaches every third week...lucky!!

-Amy got a job at BioLife Plasma Services. She starts TOMORROW! (Glad we spent all that money on a CNA class and exams...that she won't be using, haha.) This process took a total of 6 weeks to complete! We're confused as to why the hiring process was so long, but still happy Amy has something to do with her time, now.
-And most important...Jordan is a ROCKSTAR!!! He has been applying for internships this past month and snagged 5 interviews and 4 offers of employment! Holy smokes! It was a bit stressful deciding where we needed to be, but with lots of prayer and fasting, we finally made a decision. Next summer, Jord will be in Houston, Texas working as a Reservoir Engineer with BP America, Inc. In May of 2015, we hope to move down there and make a permanent home for ourselves. We are SOOO excited! It's felt like that is where we are supposed to be and can't believe there is finally a little light at the end of the tunnel. Amy is so proud of how hard Jordan has worked for this opportunity.

And that's all for now!