Monday, October 28, 2013

New Things

I figured it was time for a quick update. Lots has happened since my last post and we're pretty excited about most of it. :)

-Amy visited Houston in April to spend some time with Matt, Stef, and the boys (including brand-new baby Lincoln). TONS of fun!

-Amy decided she wanted a job in March, signed up for a CNA class that started in the summer and passed her written and skills exams with flying colors in August. :)

-Jordan passed the torch that is Uinta off to Matt this summer. It's worked out perfectly for both families.
-Amy visited Alaska to be with her sister and nieces. Also TONS of fun!

-Sarah and the babies surprised everyone in Laramie with a visit shortly after we came back from Alaska. WHAT?!? Way exciting.
-Jordan has stayed busy with school this entire year, including the summer. Of course, he remains top of his class!

-Amy and Jordan got on with a second adoption agency. This new agency has a better track record than our first, so here's to hoping!

-Jord FINALLY got a calling at the end of the summer. He is the teacher's advisor for the young men. He teaches every third week...lucky!!

-Amy got a job at BioLife Plasma Services. She starts TOMORROW! (Glad we spent all that money on a CNA class and exams...that she won't be using, haha.) This process took a total of 6 weeks to complete! We're confused as to why the hiring process was so long, but still happy Amy has something to do with her time, now.
-And most important...Jordan is a ROCKSTAR!!! He has been applying for internships this past month and snagged 5 interviews and 4 offers of employment! Holy smokes! It was a bit stressful deciding where we needed to be, but with lots of prayer and fasting, we finally made a decision. Next summer, Jord will be in Houston, Texas working as a Reservoir Engineer with BP America, Inc. In May of 2015, we hope to move down there and make a permanent home for ourselves. We are SOOO excited! It's felt like that is where we are supposed to be and can't believe there is finally a little light at the end of the tunnel. Amy is so proud of how hard Jordan has worked for this opportunity.

And that's all for now!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

What's Up??

Just thought it was time for a quick catch-up. Jordan and I had a bit of a hard time at first getting used to Laramie again. But alas, the more time we spend here, the more it works it's way back into our hearts. Jordan is a busy, busy, busy man! He's managed to skirt by without a calling for three full months! I ask him all the time why that is and he simply replies, "Because Heavenly Father loves me!" :) In his defense, I do think Heavenly Father is aware of his situation. Jordan is a bit of a perfectionist and always strives to be the best he can be. That, naturally, puts him right on top...right where he usually is. (Is anybody surprised? Nope!) While he rarely misses a question on his exams and assignments, Jordan admits that this go-around of school has been way more tough than the last. He's doing so great, though, and I'm convinced that he'll be a catch for any prospective employer. He also does an amazing job managing his mom's company (with a little help from me). I feel as if I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off. But when I look back at my day, I can't figure out why it is I felt so stressed and over-worked because, let's be honest, I don't do a whole lot! I think most of my stress comes from feeling that I have nothing to do but WANT something to do. I've looked into getting a job to fill some of that space in my heart and time in my day. When I find myself feeling down and a little upset that life hasn't gone my way, Jordan reminds me of something that his mom says and that is (in my own words), that being a mother would take first place, but it doesn't mean I can't have a close second right now. So, I'm trying hard to find that silver medal in my life. I think a job might be a good idea for that. I'm having a hard time deciding what I want to do, though. Time will tell! Until I do decide, I've started writing a book! It's something that I've always wanted to do, but never had the guts. Nancy started writing a book not too long ago and gave me the courage to do the same. I've got a series in mind. It certainly won't be the next Twilight saga, but it'll be something I can be proud of. On a side note, I was called to be the first counselor in the primary presidency. Talk about shocked! I think this is the perfect calling for me, despite how much I feel I'm not good enough. Placing me in this divison of the church just reminds me how aware our Heavenly Father really does love us. He knows what's best for us, even when we doubt ourselves.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Adoption Profile

Well, after many months and what seemed like forever (although, apparently not as long as most), Jordan and I have finally completed everything there is to do to prepare for an adoption. Now, it's just a matter of waiting. So now, it seems like we're so close and yet so far away more than ever. Our individual interviews with the agency were on February 8th, and we were told the last thing to do was compile a profile that the birthmothers looking to adopt their baby will look at. Eager, as always, I got right on it. Here is the finished product. This whole process has been a wonderful way for Jordan and I to grow closer together. We can't wait to share that love with a baby. Let me know what you think!

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas News Letter

A few days ago, I had a little bird whisper a hint in my ear that I should write a news letter. I’m a bit of a snob when it comes to Christmas news letters…I don’t write them because I don’t have kids. But the little bird said she cared, even with my not having children. So, here you are, Sarah!

OUR 2012

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all! It’s hard to believe that another year has flown by! We hope 2012 treated you as kindly as it did us.

Our year began with little excitement. Jordan continued his job managing Uinta (the family company) and running title as a Petroleum Landman. He enjoys his work and, in Amy’s opinion, is a little too good at it! ;) Amy began her year with being a stay-at-home wife: helping with the company where she could, developing her domestic skills, preparing their home for a baby, etc.

March rolled around and the entire Willie family (minus Jesse, Emily and the babies) took a trip to New York City! There were far too many occurrences in that trip to narrate in one short paragraph. It was quite the fun adventure. Everyone had a great time and also learned to appreciate the mountain air and quiet, simple life-style to which each has grown accustomed. It was amazing!

In a whirlwind of excitement, Jordan and Amy decided just before the big NY trip that Amy should go back to school. It’s been a challenging adventure for both Amy and Jordan. Jordan had to get used to living without meals and a clean house while Amy had to get used to lots of homework, stress and intellectual thinking! Amy finished the summer and fall semesters with an “A” in all of her classes. She enjoyed almost everything that she learned, but mostly enjoyed the things she learned in her nursing related classes (Anatomy and Physiology, Microbiology). Amy was accepted into the nursing program at Laramie County Community College with relative ease.

Amy, however, will need to hold off on her schooling for just a little bit longer because she and Jordan decided that Jordan needed to go back to school! Jordan was accepted into the Petroleum Engineering Program at the University of Wyoming, no problems, in November and will begin classes in January. With a little bit of luck and a lot of work, Jordan will graduate in two and a half years with an engineering degree! In the meantime, Amy will help with some of the simpler, day-to-day aspects of Uinta and hopefully help make Jordan’s home life a little less hectic than his school life. He’ll certainly be a busy boy! In preparation for this transition back to school, Amy and Jordan moved back to Laramie in December. They have a three bedroom, two bath apartment and love it!

Jordan and Amy had two wonderful weddings to attend this past year and both were beautiful. Amy’s brother, Matthew, and his beautiful bride, Maegan, (whom he helped convert to the gospel) were married in May and then sealed shortly after her one-year baptismal anniversary in September. Jordan’s sister, Annie, was married to the love of her life, David, in August.

Jordan worked hard this entire year as the eleven-year-old scout leader. This calling has been a challenge for Jordan as scouting isn’t exactly his forte. He did learn a lot (especially near the end of the year) and feels he might be more prepared in the event he’s called to scouting again. He was asked to serve a second calling as an Elder’s quorum teacher, which he loved right from the beginning. Amy was called to be the secretary in the Young Women’s and absolutely loved it. In fact, it was her favorite calling she’s ever had. Moving back to Laramie was difficult, as it meant she had to leave these girls she’d learned to love. She, like Jordan, was asked to serve a second calling as the ward Chorister.

Jordan and Amy feel blessed to have already spent three years of marriage together. This year, they will be spending their anniversary in Houston, Texas with the Willie family for Christmas. They look forward to the trip, but even more, look forward to all the years they have headed their way.

Last of all, and probably most important, Amy and Jordan began infertility testing in May. After trying for nearly two and a half years to have children, they felt it was time to figure out what was going on! They consider themselves extremely lucky to have learned quickly that they will not be able to have biological children. Amy and Jordan were a bit surprised at how quickly they accepted this new found information but attribute it to the fact that they know this is Heavenly Father’s plan for them. They are very excited by this opportunity and have been working hard to complete the adoption process. All that remains is the home study which will take place in January. They feel blessed to have this chance to bring a child into their home and can’t wait to meet them!

We hope this letter/blog finds you well, and we are grateful for this time of year and the reminder to remember our Savior’s sacrifice for each of us.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Pictures of 2012

Not too long ago, my entire side of the family got together to have one last photo shoot before Sarah and Matthew betrayed us by moving to Alaska. ;) But we still love you!!! Here are a few pictures of the fam (excuse my deer-in-the-headlights look in the second picture. I found it slightly more funny than embarrassing and that’s why it’s on my blog and not hidden from the world:)



And I know they are not my babies, but I still think they are pretty darn cute! Here’s some pictures of Chelsey and Emma. We only get a chance to snap a few pictures before Chelsey got tired of sitting there and rolled her sister right off her lap!




And finally, Jordan and I got a few shots of our little family. This shoot came at the perfect time as we were able to use the first picture to send in to the adoption agency. This is the first picture any birth-mother looking through the agency database will see of us. I think it’s a pretty cute one!




Tuesday, October 9, 2012

New York Trip!

I know I’m super lame because I’m posting this SO late. But it’s better late than never (although not by much because now I can’t remember half of what we did there, ha)! As I mentioned in an earlier post, Jordan and I went to NYC with most of his family and had a TON of fun. The best part of the entire trips were all the Broadway shows we were able to attend. My absolute favorite show was Memphis. I’d never heard of it before but it has tons of up beat singing and even more dancing! My kind of show! On top of it, we were front row, center stage and able to catch every part of the show. In fact, there were many times I was showered by the performers standing in front of me. Here’s some pictures from the vacation.


This is the view from our apartment. We were so high up that you couldn’t see the ground below us. CRAZY!


The first night there, we went to the Stardust Diner (I think) where the waiters and waitresses are starving young actors that jump up on tables singing and dancing for you. Spiderman came to mind. Some of them were pretty darn amazing. These guys were hilarious! At one point, the bearded man smacked the other guys butt…it was that kind of performance. :)


This was at the ball game. I won’t pretend to know what is going on here. Probably nothing. I had no idea the entire time I was there, but it was fun non-the-less! What I do know is that I liked the grass. Haha.


This is one of my favorite pictures of Jord. He was in such a good mood during the game and was being so silly. You’d have had no idea he wasn’t from NY with the way he was acting. He was seriously screaming his head off. I was embarrassed to be sitting next to him at times. At the same time, he made it so fun.


More proof that he was having a good time (despite the lady behind us)…


And more…maybe a little silliness from me, too.


This is us in front of the NY temple. I swear, it’s the only time you’ll see the temple smaller than the surrounding buildings. It was such a neat experience. NY is so loud and smelly, but not in the temple. As soon as the front doors closed, you could have heard a pin drop. And the air (which I’m sure was filtered) was such a welcome relief.


These were the twin tower monuments. There are two of the these in place of each tower and the entire experience was very spiritual. I started crying. There were roses placed along the edge of each monument where the names of those who died were etched into the rim.


This is my favorite picture of Jordan and I while at Central Park. It’s the only time we saw green the entire trip. NY really is a cement jungle. :) Jordan and I got our faces drawn while there and it looks pretty darn good. I had my face drawn first and I could not move my face afterward. Smiling for 45 minutes is painful. I promptly told Jordan to not smile (which fits his personality better, anyway ;). Our beautiful picture is now hanging in our living room.


This is a final picture to give you a glimpse of what time square is like. As usual, pictures do not do the hustle and bustle of time square justice. There were usually far more people than this photo portrays. Anyway, it was an A.M.A.Z.I.N.G trip!

Random Thoughts and Questions

So, this is kind of going to be a random post, but it's a random day. :) But keep reading! I need your opinion at the end!

Jordan and I FINALLY turned in our adoption application a few weeks ago! Yay! We could have had it turned in sooner, but we didn't realize we were able to turn it in before completing our autobiography...which ended up being 25 pages long. Holy smokes!!! I swear, our case workers eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when she saw how long it was. She says it's the longest one she's ever had. In our defense, she did say that the longer it is, the easier it is to do the home studies. Also, it's really difficult to narrate two lives in less than twenty five pages. In fact, I'm surprised it wasn't more than that! Anyway, once the application was in, the reference forms were sent out and our awesome friends and family have been so good about getting them done. You know who you are and we thank you!!! If things keep up like this, we may be on the adoption roles within the next month!

As far a school goes, I'm doing well, I just don't like it. Ha. That sure didn't take long. :) In my Anatomy class, I have had three tests and these were my scores...99%, 108%, 99%. I know you all did a double-take on the 108%, but that's actually what I got and I'm so pleased! Forgive me for gloating, but sometimes I surprise myself. More than that, I'm starting to realize how much my Heavenly Father loves me. Because believe me, I know I'm not actually that smart! My other class, Microbiology, takes a back seat to A and P. And I mean way, way, way back seat! Luckily, it's a relatively easy class and I'm able to get an A every test with relatively little studying.

This semester is the last bit of prerequisite classes I needed to take before entering the nursing program. I worked hard to complete all non-nursing related classes before I enter the program. As a result, my semester loads will be much lower than they would have been and will hopefully make life in general a bit easier. This month is the month I'm supposed to get my acceptance/rejection letter into/not into the nursing program. Keep your fingers crossed for an acceptance letter!

On a side note, Jordan and I have had thoughts of a career change. It's a long story, but the gist of it is that we are wondering if this is really the career Jordan is supposed to have the rest of our lives. We've been thinking a lot about Petroleum Engineering or becoming a Petroleum Lawyer. Jordan could get his Petroleum Engineering degree in about 2 to 2.5 years at UW. He could get a law degree in 3 years (at least, his brother did, so we think it'll be possible for Jordan, as well) but we'd probably want to go somewhere else for law. Both pay pretty well and both careers can be a large time commitment or a smaller time commitment (depending on what job you take). Anyway, what are you all thinking? What do you think fits Jordan's personality?

Rambling done. Thanks for listening. :)